The Mekor Habracha Sisterhood is the organization of women of the congregation who come together for programs that benefit the shul and the community, for social activities, for study, and above all, for the growth of each individual so that each may find an opportunity to fulfill her potential as a person and as a Jewish woman. The Sisterhood’s goals are to strengthen the community, offer support during transitional times, enhance the personal growth of women and broadly support the Mekor Habracha community.

The Mekor Habracha Sisterhood was founded in 2014. Mekor Habracha Sisterhood currently has active committees focused on kiddush, hospitality, holidays, and social events.

It’s never too late to get involved! For more information or to become a member of the Mekor Habracha Sisterhood, please contact

Current Board

Alexandra Hochster-Korman, Bracha Rosenstein, Leah Weiss and Rebecca Berliner


  • The Sisterhood works hard to ensure that each week our congregation enjoys a delicious hot kiddush.
  • Our hospitality committee is committed to finding hosts for guests, both for meals and Shabbat accommodations, and ensures that community members are taken care of during times of need or transition. We recently expanded our community meal preparation and support for families welcoming new babies, bikkur cholim, shiva and shloshim.
  • The Mekor Sisterhood organizes fundraisers to benefit the synagogue:
    • Each year we distribute Rosh Hashana cards to shul members and their loved ones for a sweet New Year.
    • During Purim we prepare and distribute over 100 mishloach manot to our congregants and their friends and family.