To put Moshav Band’s eclectic sound into words, lead vocalist Yehuda Solomon said it’s really best described as a falafel sandwich. “You take a pita and you just throw in a lot of different things, but you get a really yummy sandwich and spice it up a little,” he laughed. The American/Israeli rock group is heading to Philadelphia Aug. 9 for a concert at the Gershman Y benefiting Center City Orthodox shul Mekor Habracha.

Yoella Epstein, Mekor Habracha board member and board liaison for the concert, noted that all the proceeds of ticket sales will go toward the congregation. That money will benefit general shul needs, including maintenance of the building and membership scholarships.

Hosting the band also enables the shul to spread its name to the community, she added. Mekor Habracha’s demographic is relatively young compared to other congregations. Epstein estimated the membership’s average age is 28. “The concert felt like a great way to attract that demographic,” she added. “It’d be another way to raise money since our dues are very, very low.” (Students are $300 annually, $500 for single members and $900 for couples and families.)

Moshav Band also played for the synagogue in 2012 at Union Transfer, raising more than $5,000. Epstein predicts more will be raised this time.