To the Mekor Habracha community,

As details emerge from the horrifying terrorist attack in Jerusalem, it is difficult to find the words to express our sadness for our brethren in Israel. Under the circumstances, it is natural to feel helpless, angry and/or frustrated about the situation. However, despite our heartbreak, the most effective way we can put our emotions to good use is to connect to Israel as we would to our own immediate family.

Our tradition teaches that the premier method to connect is via what is known as ‘the voice of Jacob’ – prayer and Torah study. This is particularly appropriate in this instance, with the attack brazenly carried out in a place of Torah study and prayer. Psalms is a very fitting place to begin praying, and sincere prayer from the heart in ones native tongue is considered a very potent method as well. When you pray, please have the victims of this terrible attack in mind, as well as a speedy recovery for the survivors. The names of the injured and info regarding the deceased (including the brave Druse police officer attempting to protect the members of the synagogue) can be found here

Try to increase your current Torah study schedule by even a couple of minutes; if you don’t have one, you can start learning something new or visit the many websites that provide Torah learning opportunities (such as

We will be saying extra prayers on behalf of our Israeli brethren in shul, and we will be having a special edition of our Thursday night Torah class at 6:15 PM, dedicated to the victims of the attack.

Additionally, consider donating to a cause directly related to helping victims of terror. One Family Fund, a wonderful charity (whose group we once hosted in shul), is one such organization.

There are 26 newly orphaned children saying kaddish as a result of this horrific attack. We must not simply go on with our lives; we owe it to them to strengthen our connection to God, Torah, our community and the Jewish people.

May God soon bring us a consolation from these very painful times, and peace and security to the land of Israel.